Pointers in Taking Pain Medications Safely

Pointers in Taking Pain Medications Safely

At times, pain can be so debilitating that it prevents a person from going to work or school. It also affects an individual’s daily life, depending on the degree of pain they are feeling.
Taking pain medication in Rutland County, Vermont may already be necessary for severe pain. These drugs can help manage your pain better, allowing you to go about your day easier.

Types of Painkillers You Can Take

Depending on the situation, you may be taking either of the following for pain relief:

  • Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

    These medicines are excellent options for mild to minor aches and pains such as toothache, minor colds, and headaches, among others.

  • Prescription Painkillers

    These drugs are more potent than OTC ones. They have higher dosages and research chemicals in them. You can only buy and take these painkillers if you have a prescription from your physician.

Reminders for Safe Use

Whichever type of pain reliever you will get, remember the following:

  • Follow directions for intake.

    You can find the instructions on the label. Your doctor or pharmacist from a pharmacy in Castleton, Vermont can also give you the instructions.

    Never mix various ingredients or chemicals without your doctor’s knowledge. Never increase the dosage nor stop taking your medicines without your physician saying so.

  • Inform your physician about your intake.

    Make sure that your doctor knows your medication history to better help you in relieving pain and avoiding unwanted side effects.

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