Easy Ways of Managing Chronic Lower Back Pain

Easy Ways of Managing Chronic Lower Back Pain

When your lower back pain lasts for three months or more, it may be a sign of an underlying chronic condition. At times, chronic back pain becomes debilitating that it affects your life. Manage your situation better by following these tips:

  • Take pain medications
    Pain medication in Rutland County, Vermont may be available over-the-counter or through prescriptions from your trusted physician. Prescription pain medicines are often used to treat severe conditions. Talk to your doctor about the best drugs for you.
  • Try massages or acupuncture
    If you are not into the research chemicals that pain medications contain, you can go for massages or acupuncture. They help stimulate the body and promote good blood circulation, which can help minimize pain.
  • Get regular exercise
    Regular exercise can help your body in many ways, including lessening the pain that you feel from your chronic condition. Aerobic, strengthening, stretching, and flexibility exercises are some of the best workouts you can do. Always talk to your doctor or physical therapist to figure out which activities are suitable for your circumstances.
  • Consume a healthy diet
    The food you eat every day also plays a role in managing chronic pain. Some foods promote and aggravate inflammation. So, it is best to talk to a dietician or even go to your pharmacy in Castleton, Vermont for more information about nutritious meals. Our friendly pharmacy staff can provide medically sound advice for your chronic pain.

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